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Predictive Analytics Modeler


The Predictive Analytics Modeler career path prepares learners to learn the essential analytics models to collect and analyze data efficiently. This will require skills in predictive analytics models, such as data mining, data collection and integration, nodes, and statistical analysis. The Predictive Analytics Modeler will use tools for market research and data mining in order to predict problems and improve outcomes.

Learning Modules:

Module I - Analytics Overview

  • Business Analytics Overview, Trends, Case Studies
  • Understanding Business Intelligence and Analytics

Module II - Business Analytics Foundations

    • Introduction to Data Mining CRISP-DM

Module III - Predictive Analytics Modeler

      • Nodes and streams
      • Initial data mining, storage and field measurement
      • Understanding the data (valid and invalid values)
      • Integrating data (methods, options, merging, and sampling)
      • Deriving and reclassifying fields (CLEM)
      • Looking for relationships (matrix, distribution, means, histogram, statistics and plot)
      • Functions (conversion, string, and statistical)
      • Data transformation
      • Statistical. graphical and sample nodes
      • Automated data mining and modeling
      • Predictive models and customer segmentation

Market Research:


Automated Data Mining CLEM For Data Analytics Customer Segmentation Analytics Data Analysis Data Collection Data Integration Data Mining Data Modelling Data Plotting Data Preparation Data Relationships Data Stream Analytics Data Transformation Histogram Configuration Modeling Nodes Predictive Analytics Modeler SPSS

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Predictive Analytics Modeler:
Foundations Micro-credential

Predictive Analytics Modeler:
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