IBM Digital Micro-Credentials Program

A Digital Credential is a cross-industry digital recognition of technical skills which can be shared on your social and professional networking sites, as well as your digital signature.
IBM is supporting this program, based on open standards, through the creation of a wide variety of credentials covering a multitude of technical and professional areas. 
Digital Credentials are an exciting feature IBM MyLearning users get access to. For both professional and personal academic enrichment, digital credentials offer validation for high-demand sets of competencies in today's competitive job market. Taught formally by an expert instructor, learners are guided through the credential acquisition journey and are met with a variety of activities and evaluations to monitor and document skill progression. Different digital credentials can also be pursued concurrently and/or sequentially to upgrade and fortify users existing credentials, ultimately strengthening their professionally accredited skill profile.

How it helps you to stand out in the market?

Globally Recognized

IBM Digital Credentials are valued and recognized by the global IT industry. Once you have completed the requirements of a credential, it takes approximately 5 to 10 business days for you to receive an email asking you to claim your new digital credential.

Easy Sharing

As soon as a digital credential is acquired, you have the option to share your credential to many social media sites available and to add it to your digital signature.

Employment Opportunities

IBM Digital Credentials demonstrate the level of proficiency and related technical skills a graduate has achieved. Potential employers will be able to use this as part of their recruiting process.

Digital Credential Offerings


Foundations Micro-Credential

The Foundations digital credentials represent achievements on the part of the learner who is in the earlier stages of acquiring knowledge and developing skills for a particular area of interest. Activities associated with the Foundations credential include instructor led training, self-directed learning assignments, workshops, mentoring sessions, and quizzes or assessments.

Intermediate Micro-Credential

The Intermediate digital credentials are awarded to individuals who have successfully completed and passed the IBM MyLearning proctored final exam. This credential is associated with the learner who has achieved and demonstrated a high level of understanding of the topic represented by passing the final exam.

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