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Application Security Technologist


The Application Security Technologist career path prepares learners to scan web applications against vulnerabilities and attacks. This will require skills in web application security such as scanning, and testing application in order to identify and analyze security vulnerabilities. Training topics will include OWASP security standards, Glassbox scanning, cross-site scripting, broken authentication, cross-site request forgery and threat analysis and reports.

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AJAX Application Scans AXF Broken Authentication Cross-site Request Forgery Cross-site Scripting Ethical Hacking Function-level Access Control Glass Box HTML HTTP IBM AppScan Standard Injection Flaws Insecure Direct Object Reference OWASP Classifications Scripting SDK SDLC Security Breach Security Misconfiguration Security Scans Security Testing Security Vulnerabilities Sensitive Data Exposure SQL Injection Session Hijacking Threat Modeling Unvalidated Redirects Vulnerability Testing WASC Classification Web2.0 Web Application Security Web Services

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Badge Application Security Engineer 2017-2019:
Explorer Award

Badge Application Security Engineer 2017-2019:
Mastery Award

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