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Blockchain for Developers


The Blockchain Developer course is designed to teach foundational skills required to develop blockchain applications. This starts by explaining Distributed Ledger Technologies in general and how those concepts have become Blockchains. This is followed by an overview into the differences between unpermissioned and permissioned implementations of Blockchains and when each is the appropriate choice. Following from this is a discussion of IBM’s participation in (permissioned) Hyperledger solutions (notably Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer). Learners will practice their skills by modifying and deploying Blockchain solutions using the Hyperledger Composer Playground. The course wraps up with more detail on various solutions including examples such as: Food Trust (with Walmart, Tyson, etc,), TradeLens (IBM, Maersk, etc.), Everledger (IBM, DeBoer, etc.) and others.

Learning Modules:

Module 1 - Discover Blockchain

  • What is blockchain
  • The business backdrop
  • The problem area
  • Relation to bitcoin
  • Requirements for blockchain in a business environment
  • Requirements deep dive

Module 2 - Leverage blockchain benefits

  • Why blockchain is relevant for business
  • Consensus: shared reference data example
  • Provenance: supply chain example
  • Immutability: audit and compliance example
  • Finality: letter of credit example
  • Industry use cases
  • Customer adoption

Module 3 - Transform your business with blockchain

  • IBM and Hyperledger relationship: Blockchain for business
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Public references
  • IBM engagement model

Demo - Blockchain asset transfer

  • Transfer assets in blockchain
  • Blockchain asset transfer demo

Lab - Transfer assets

  • Set up the Hyperledger Composer Playground
  • Transfer assets in a blockchain network
  • Explore editor views archive data

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Blockchain Hyperledger Ledger Distributed Ledger Technology DLT Open Source

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