A training and credentialing program that is designed
to focus on IT skills in demand in the industry.

What is MyLearning?

MyLearning is designed for individuals who wish to continue their learning journey in a variety of key areas. This education platform provides learners the opportunity to develop additional skills in emerging technologies, resulting in an advantage in the competitive job market.

Program Audience


Learners can access our course material and hands-on training exercises from anywhere using their laptop, phone, tablets, etc.
Educators and Faculty
The program also offers a chance for teachers to advance their skills, and pass it on to their students for which they can get worldwide recognition.
Many academic institutions deliver MyLearning workshops and briefings to industry clients. Professionals can attend classes to quickly enhance and augment their skills and competencies.

Program Offering

Blended Learning Approach
Through the blended learning approach, users are able to interact with content using self-paced, classroom based and hands-on environments.
Digital Credentials
The IBM Digital Credential program provides a portable and verifiable record of your learning achievements, which can be shared on social and professional networks to help enhance your personal brand.

News and Offers

Learning Journeys

Fall-Winter Semester 2020 courses ready!

Journeys are coming!

A learning journey is a curated collection of learning content, both formal and informal, that can be used to acquire skills for a specific role or technology area. You can track your progress when you start using a journey. Start by checking out our blockchain journey.

See a list of upcoming courses and institutions offering them

Predictive Analytics Modeler
Business Intelligence Analyst

Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario
Bow Valley College, Calgary, Alberta

SAIT, Calgary, Alberta
Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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